The Loft Studio

A spacious character Photography Studio in Colchester  just one hour from London

The Studio

The Loft is a large, well equipped photography studio and video studio based in Colchester Essex, just one hour from London.

The studio occupies the roof space of a Victorian mill, complete with triple height ceilings, heating and a 12m by 10m floor space. There’s ample room for shooting, editing, changing and preparing refreshments in this warm and inviting character space.

We’ve designed the studio around the specific needs of photographers and videographers. Everything is ready for you to start shooting upon arrival. We’ve invested in photography strobes, a choice of backdrops and numerous Bowens fit lighting modifiers.

There’s lots of natural light along with blackout blinds on every window for when you need things to go dark. There’s also an editing suite on the mezzanine and more power sockets than you could wish for.

If you have any questions please call us on 07880 903 889 or email us here.


The Loft has a large uninterrupted floor space with two roof trusses above. The kitchen is kept deliberately small so as to not intrude on the working space and, using some clever layout, it also doubles up as changing room when needed.

  • 12m x 10.5m of open floor space
  • Floor to ceiling west facing window
  • North facing window
  • Kitchen
  • Changing room
  • Mezzanine editing suite
  • Colorama backdrops
  • Authentic period features
  • Lounge area
  • Blackout blinds
  • 30 lighting modifiers
  • 5 studio strobes
  • Wireless triggers
The Loft Photography Studio
The Loft Studio floor plan

Photography Studio


For professional photographers The Loft is the ideal location for portraiture, advertising, fashion and product work. The studio was built by a commercial photographer so it’s likely to meet your exacting requirements.

With lots of room to maneuver, wireless studio lights, a plethora of lighting accessories and character on tap, it’s hard to take a bad picture at The Loft!


If you’re just starting out in studio photography The Loft has plenty to offer. There is always an assistant on hand to help you set-up your equipment and ensure you’re getting great shots.

Many starters book a two hour slot at The Loft and spend the first 30 minutes getting acquainted with the equipment and space before their model / subject arrives. This is a great idea and we’re here to help you prepare for a great shoot.

Video Studio


For professional videographers The Loft offers a very quiet and private location to complete your shoot. 

The Loft is ideal for short TV segments. There’s lots of room and the ability to book long sessions with ‘out of business hours’ options.

NorthOne, Channel 5 and The Gadget Show have shot TV production work at The Loft with great results.

The studio happily supports a crew of 10 and because everything in the studio is movable you can build out your sets to your production needs.


For videography beginners we offer some basic ‘constant lighting’ options suitable for small scale production work.

The natural light at the studio varies – the afternoons lend themselves well to natural lighting all year round and this has been successfully used as the sole light source for talking head videos used in productions for website and social media video.


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